Monday, July 07, 2008

Blessing Day

Yesterday was the day that sweet little Parker was blessed.

Troy gave him a wonderful blessing and we had a wonderful turnout. I think I counted 42 at the BBQ afterwards and there were 29 on Troy's side and 13 on my side that weren't there! Thanks to all that came!

I was a little worried dressing him all in white because he didn't poop the day before so I was SO scared it would be before or during the blessing! But he was a good little guy and waited until he was out of his outfit and we were home! He just slept the entire time.

Taylor was so tired during these pictures! She came up to us BEGGING us to take her inside and let her take a nap!

My sister from Canada came into town and we had a full week of hanging out and even planned a day of kid-free shopping! It was wonderful!

Mom, Gina, Melissa, Alisha, Taylor

Some random pics at the BBQ...
All the men that stood in the blessing circle, it was huge!

(Left to right)
Jeff (A-B), Braden (A-nephew), Jason (A-B), Glen (A-Dad), Troy/Parker, Theron (T-Dad), Steve (T-BIL), Ryan (T-B), Nik (T-BIL), Warren (T-BIL)
Not pictured: Bret (T-BIL)
Key Code:

BIL-Brother in Law

We had a wonderful time hanging out with our families and coming together to bless our little boy, thanks again to all those that came!

We don't have any individual pictures of Parker in his outfit, I am planning on having Troy take some downstairs in the next couple days so stay tuned....


deidra said...

We got the announcement late Saturday night. Looks like a good time, and what a good looking family!

Crystal said...

Congratulations on your big day! You'll love raising a boy; they're so much fun. Cute family too!

Heather B said...

Oh he is just the cutest little thing, I love his little outfit. Cute 4th pictures too, I knew Taylor would have the cutest bows in!

Amber Cederberg said...

He looked so handsome on his blessing day!!!!

Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

congrats he is so cute! How nice to have all your family there for the big day!

Over the moon said...

Oh Alisha, I really completley forgot that was last Sunday. We were there and I'm so so sad that I didn't come :0(. I'm so sorry! I was so close too...grrrr!!!! But, on a happy note, you all look so great and Parker is so so cute.

Lindsay said...

What a special day for your little family. You all look great!

Pugmires said...

Sorry we couldn't make it. He looks so handsome!