Monday, July 07, 2008

4th of July Festivities

(Passing of the Flags)

We had a wonderful 4th of July FULL of festivities!

We started nice and early going to our ward Scout breakfast.

Then off to the 'great' Rupert parade.

The highlight of the parade for Taylor was all the candy! She pretty much hid behind me and then when candy was thrown our way she would squeal and run and collect it!

And this was sweet little Parker the ENTIRE parade...

Sleep, sleep, sleep!

I am really bummed that I never got a picture of him in his little 4th of July outfit because he peed all over it during a diaper change! Errr....

After the parade it was off to Troy's sister Maria's to play in the river!
My sister from Canada and her son were in town so they joined us (along with Mom/Dad, Melissa & her boys, and my brother Jason & Christy) so it was a big combined family event.

After playing our little hearts out we made our way home for baths and beds!


Amber said...

I miss 4th of July times in Rupert/Burley (going to the parade and eating on the square, playing at the river, etc.). It's so small town, and I absolutely love it!

Pugmires said...

Those pictures of Taylor are just so beautiful and patriodic!
Oh, and I love the cute little underwear butt sticking out of the blanket!