Sunday, June 01, 2008

Random...Week in Review

I actually have TONS I want to post, but I will just get to the good stuff....


I can't believe how one little tiny one can take up so much time where I don't have time to blog (okay, the kids do sleep at the same time but I am sleeping along with them or cleaning! So I don't blog!)

First Up...Taylor Jane

Out of no where the other day she grabbed the can of beans and started eating away. This is extremely unusual for her, she usually wouldn't touch beans! Hopefully she stays liking them!

She is obsessed with animals. Horses are one of her favorites. Especially when the horse is Dad!
Do you like how her feet are placed??!!

Taylor is turning into a little skinny mini! Her pants are constantly falling down and when she bends over this is what you see! In this picture, Troy would take the toy she was playing with and throw it on the floor to get her to bend over for the mean, yet hilarious!

Now, on to our sweet little Parker.

I have had a ton of people ask how Taylor is handling the new baby, if this picture doesn't show how much she ADORES him I don't know what will!

She acts fine with him, it's all other aspects of 'life' that have her throwing tantrums and making the adjustment fun :)
Parker is a good baby, good thing! He wakes up twice at night to eat and takes a long morning nap so I can get lots done!

Cute little family picture...too bad dad is and most likely always will be behind the camera!


Gina Nielson said...

Hi there, you look really good! Who would know you had a baby????

Over the moon said...

You look SO good in that picture Alisha! What a babe. :0)

Parker is SO so so cute. I just can't wait to hold that little sweetheart. Talyor Jane has the cutest little rump too :0).

gizcallyomom said...

Alisha!!! I love your cute family!!!