Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fiber Overload

My sister Gina told me about the cereal Fiber one (for obvious reasons!)and it's suppose to help you lose weight (which I NEED to do!) she told me about it on the way to the store, so while I was there I picked up a box.

Well, works great for me but poor little Parker is suffering a little from it! He had/has problems with being gassy/pooping before the cereal started and yesterday he REALLY had a hard time! He is sooooo gassy and uncomfortable that even his blessed nap time in the mornings (his long one for the day) is being interrupted due to pain!

Poor guy! Hopefully his little body will adjust to the overload....soon!

I forget how what I eat also affects the baby! :)
No hot tamales when nursing! :(

**How pathetic am I??!?! We are only on kid #2 and already we are slacking on the pictures! I don't even have a picture of him since his 4 week pics Troy took! I wanted some on Father's day, but Troy had meetings early and after church the kids were sleeping! I need to work on that....**


The Shaffer Family said...

Yeah! Congrats! I have been out of the blogging world for atleast a month it looks like...Oh how time flies. Parker looks so cute...I love 'em when they are so tiny.
Best of luck...Isn't 2 fun? Time flies twice as fast. Hints I have way more baby pics of Gabe than I do Ahna.

Over the moon said...

Oh funny! I have never heard of that stuff. Maybe since I'm done nursing now I can give it a go :0).