Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shopping With Two

I have yet to have a successful, non-stressful trip to the store with two in tow.

Parker is only 3 weeks old, and I haven't been to the store by myself with two alot but when I have gone I leave completely frustrated. I look down my list of things to buy and pick out items that I can do with out just so we can get out of there quicker!

Today as we were walking past the baby department at Wal-mart making our way to get a few groceries Taylor decided she wanted to take a detour through the clothes. As I turned the cart into the dept. to catch her, the side of the cart gets caught on the clothes hangers (they never have enough room between racks!!!) as I move the cart to the side to get loose a bottle of lotion from my cart goes crashing to the floor, opening up and splattering everywhere. While I am trying to clean up my mess my two year old is running farther and farther away from me!

By the time I caught her she had gone from the kids department, past the shoes and into the restroom area/crafts. How do you run after a toddler with a cart full of stuff and a newborn??!!?

You don't!

She is pretty fast, because when she saw me coming she started to kick it into a higher gear and tried to out run me...I had to leave my cart, baby and purse behind so I can actually RUN and grab her! I may have been in public, but she got a spank on the butt and a good lecture when I finally caught her!

Of the groceries on my list some yogurt and a loaf of bread was all I got before I chose to end my misery and go check out.

I hope it only gets better (Kill me now if it gets worse!) and if it doesn't... Melissa I am taking you up on the switch of kids shopping trips for sure!! :)


Over the moon said...

Now that last paragraph is not a bad idea at all! I'll have to remember that 'switch the kid' idea when I get to that point. Emi used to LOVE going grocery shopping. Now that she is mobile all she wants to do is run around playing with everything she can get her hands on! It's fun to watch her though...but then again, I don't have a newborn to watch while she is doing it! I really can't wait to see little Parker! Hurry down here :0).

Melissa said...

Wait until Parker can walk! :-S Anytime you want to swap let me know! You have heard my horror stories!

karisa said...

Your story made me laugh. I'm a huge fan of the Snugli's. That way I've still got two hands free and can chase after a kid without leaving the other.