Friday, February 01, 2008

Photo Shoot

Now that we don't have a 19 year old occupying our basement, Troy has moved the bed and set up a little 'mock' studio.
We tried the other day to play/get some pictures of Taylor but she wouldn't hold still AND she thought her little pink poodle needed to be in the picture too! That little pup is her new best to her shopping cart that is always full of 'goodies.'

Maybe we will get some good time we try.


Over the moon said...

Oh just look at how cute she is! She looks so happy! I love it. I love her being a 'squishy marshmellow' too! I bet that was so nice to finally get out. I love your scrapbooking pages by the way!

Pugmires said...

That's cool that you can take profesional looking photos in your home. And you can take as many as you want until its right-and much cheaper. Can I bring my kids over for a photo shoot :)
How's the potty training going? If I were you I would keep a few diapers around for nighttime and such. What I have found is that kids act the same way in pullups and in diapers. They feel the same but diapers are cheaper then pullups. I think using underwear and plastic pants over them works best-then they are not confused about wearing something that feels like a diaper and they associate with going potty in.
Some kids catch on quick and they have it down both day and night. Maddie caught on very quickly and was great during the day, but the night took amost a year. Most of that year I used the size 5 cheap diapers with underwear underneath-so she would feel more wet and wake up. Good Luck!!
It's so nice when they catch on and you don't have to change their diaper or constantly take them to the bathroom! I hope she gets it before the baby comes to make things easier on you.