Sunday, November 25, 2007

Big 2-5

In honor of my 25th birthday today, I have made a list of 25 random known/unknown/forgotten things about me.

My day was actually full of an upset kid, so nothing special. She did feel pretty good while everyone was here for was an ice cream cake and it probably felt good on her gums! ;) Hopefully she sleeps well!

1.I was born during Thanksgiving dinner. Since then my birthday has only been on Thanksgiving twice. I believe it was my 11th and 17th birthdays. Because my birthday was always a few days before/after I never really got to have any birthday parties, everyone was always out of town!

2.With all the sports and running around I did, I never broke a bone or had surgery. I had my wisdom teeth out when I was a sophomore, but I don't count that. The summer I graduated I moved to Utah to live with my brother, get a job and start getting my Utah residency. The second week I was there I went to Lake Powell with Cortney, got thrown off the tube but my fingers refused to let go and I broke them! I had to move home so I could get three pins put into my fingers. Not just the normal leave the pins in until the day they bug you type...they were the stick out of your skin, pull them out in the office with pliers in 6 weeks pins! OUCH! I still have problems with those two fingers.

3.I have to brush my teeth at least 3-4 times a day. I can't stand the feeling of 'fuzz' growing on them!

4.I cry super easy! Any sad part in a movie I can almost guarantee that I will start rolling in the tears! When I try not to cry my ears feel like they are going to explode and my throat gets super I cry!

5.The best pet I ever had was a chihuahua my Grandma & Grandpa Rios gave to me. I named it Gizmo. We never had to house train it and it absolutely was the best dog ever! I will never have an animal inside my house now, but if Gizmo was still alive or comes back to life I would consider it. It was a sad day when the neighbor came by and told us she watched as a car veered to hit him :(

6.Knock on wood, but I have never lost someone super close to me. My mom's parents died before I was born and my dad's dad when I was two. My dad's mom is still alive and kicking, not the healthiest in the world, but she is here. I have gone to funerals of semi-friends and my mom's step-dad's wife, and a cousin here and there and of course I cry like I was their best friend.

7.Melissa and I use to torment my brother's girl friends when they would come over. Mostly just Jeremy and Jason's....Jeff was a lot older so he wasn't around, but when he was I was either out of the phase or he never had a girl friend. My favorite for each brother...Jason's we would steal her shoes and throw them up on our roof. Jeremy's we would be jumping on the tramp (as she was in the alley sitting in the car) and we would yell, “Bridget's twin sister!” Bridget was my brother's German Shepard. :)

8.I hate scary movies. Even if they weren't rated R, I still wouldn't want to watch them. Maybe my brother ruined me when I was little and would let me watch Stephen King movies or Nightmare on Elm Street, when my parents were gone and he was suppose to be watching us?!?!! I was so paranoid after watching even a semi-scary movie (like 6th Sense or The Ring) that I would always check my back seat to my car and keep the doors locked at night!

9.I HATED going down into my parents basement. Up until about 2 years ago it was always unfinished and just full of storage boxes and just plain scary. The only reason I would go down there was to go into the laundry room. When I did go down I had to turn on every light and would RUN as fast as I could up the stairs when I was done! Dang scary movies!

10.I started doing my own laundry when my Dad splashed bleach all over ALL of my brand new school jeans when I about to enter into Jr. High. We never had a ton of money growing up, so I had to wear those bleach stained jeans, until I made sure jeans was on my birthday & Christmas list!

11.I have to shower everyday, even if it is 4:30 in the afternoon I will hop in the shower. But hate showering at night right before bed.

12.I don't mind running into the store with my hair wet and pulled back into a pony, but I absolutely can not leave the house without make up on!

13.It drives me crazy if the bed is not made.

14.I hate when a knife is used to cut something and it is just left sitting on the counter. Seriously, how hard is it to put it in the sink or open the dishwasher and throw it in??!!

15.I can't stand it when someone stops the microwave and doesn't clear the remaining time off!

16.I love my Mom's homemade chicken noodle soup and her applesauce chocolate chip cookies. In high school, if there were leftovers you could almost guarantee me (and most likely all my friends) were going over to my house for lunch. I still haven't been able to conquer the cookies recipe either! My very first batch turned out green!

17.I never ate in the school cafeteria. Between mine, Emily's, & Carrol's house (Subway, Pizza Hut, John's, Smiths, Mr. Burger and sometimes Wendy's) we had plenty of choices to go to besides the school cafeteria!

18.Instead of taking two vehicles on our lunch outings, we all would squish into one car (which would sometimes overflow into the trunk...shhhhhh!) and we would always have the best time singing at the top of our lungs, rushing to get back before the bell and....once (just once!) forgetting the two people in the trunk as we all were running into the school, oops!

19.I loved going to Nuts-N-Things growing up. We would take all our change and at least once a week go and stock up on all the penny candy we could buy for the week. I loved it so much Emily and I wanted to go and only had one bike so she was giving me a ride. We didn't make it very far when I fell off the back, landed smack on the tire and made the whole back crash to the ground. We both looked at each other laying in the middle of the road all scrapped up, trying not to cry so we just busted up laughing! We both walked the remaining way to my house and begged my brother Jeff to drive us over there....he was nice and did.

20.When I was little (maybe 7-8 years old) my Mom and I went to visit Gina in Tennessee. I was outside riding bikes with my niece Ashley. Next thing I remember I woke up in my mom's arms wearing different clothes. I don't remember anything, but I guess I rode my bike off the 10 foot drop off full of trees and brush that occupied some of my sister's backyard. I had to get a CT scan and some x-rays to make sure I wasn't hurt on the inside. I left that fall with only a few scratches and a loss of memory of the whole ordeal.

21.One of my greatest fears is something happening to Troy and him leaving me here to raise the kids and be all alone.

22.My other greatest fear is losing a child. A parent shouldn't have to bury one of their kids. Not only losing them by death, but also by being kidnapped and 'hurt' by their abductor. Scares me to death!

23.I have never been in a car wreck (backed up, well I didn't do the backing up but one of my friends did while I was will stay unknown, but you know who you are!) But nothing serious and I am pretty sure it will scare the crap out of me when the day comes when I am. Especially if my kids are in the car.

24.My very first official job was Wal-Mart, I started on 9/11. Instead of watching all the tutorials that we usually should watch, we got to sit and watch the news. I stayed with Wal-Mart until I became a Mom.

25.Now I have the best job ever! Hard and stressful at times, but wouldn't change it for anything!

I can't believe I am 25! I am getting closer to 30 and that is kind of scary!


Ben and Sara said...

Happy Birthday! Turning 25 was a little scary for me because you aren't in your early 20's anymore, it's now the later 20's and getting close to 30!!!

Pugmires said...

Happy Birthday Alisha, I had fun reading your memories and things about you. I think I was there for about half, and there was really only one I didn't know-your bike accident in Texas,scary! Oh the memories, 10 people in my car, the bike reck, the car wreck, and many more. Hey it's been a good 25years-you've lived it well and I'm so glad I've got to be a part of most of it!!! I can't wait to see you soon! Love ya

dersley said...

Happy Birthday! I hope it was a great day. And Congrats on baby #2 on the way! That is very exciting.

- Jen (Wayment) Allen

Heather said...

Happy Birthday!! Green cookies!

Tweety, JimBo, and Teen Wolf said...

Happy Birthday Lish!!!!!!! YAY!! The BIG 2-5 :)...You look amazing for being so mean so young! hehe, J/k!! I'm RIGHT behind ya babe!

So, remember our X-C bus/semi wreck?? Then we had to get in a yellow bus and we were so scared that someone was going to hit us again!

I loved reading those memories too! I think it was Chanc and Jakobi that we forgot in my trunk wasn't it?

How fun! I'm so glad you did that, it was fun to find things out about you I forgot/didn't know, and a trip down memory lane too!!

Love ya!

Conley Clan said...

WOW 25! I love the random 25, they were quit interesting and great to read! Also congrats on the pregnancy, hope all goes well for you and your family.

Chanc Nicole said...

Happy Birthday! It was fun reading your list...I had to laugh at a few of the memories that it evoked. I hope you enjoyed your ice cream cake and the rest of your birthday!

Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

HAPPY B-DAY, I agree with Carrol it was like a trip down memory lane!!! Esp. cramming into one car for lunch oh the good ol days!

Mitch & Cari Johnson said...

I read your Big 2-5 a few nights ago but it was late and I just wanted to say Happy Belated Birthday. Can you beieve how time flys? Your 25 thing was really cool and your blog spot along with your little girl is adorable. I am pretty new at blogging any tips on customing my blog spot. Is yours a download or all custom? Pretty creative girl. Also I am glad that you got your little girl better. Aren't kids FUN! Cute family! Nice to hear from you. Later!
Cari Ramsey Johnson