Thursday, October 04, 2007

Where's Daddy?

Lately Taylor has been obsessed with looking at pictures. Especially pictures of familiar faces. While doing her hair in the mornings she loves to browse through her baby book of pictures.

The other day she came across all the extra proofs from our wedding. She particularly loved this picture....

(The picture isn't the greatest because I couldn't get our scanner to work, so you get a picture of the picture!)

So I let her have it (or carry around, bend, ruin)
At dinner last night she had it at the table with her. I would ask her, "Where's Mommy?"

She would study the picture, find me and point to me. We would continue this game finding Grandma then Grandpa.
When asked, "Where's Daddy?" She studied the picture pretty hard and replied...

Troy and I both started laughing as she continued to say, "Uh-oh" and look for Daddy.

Daddy is missing from the picture! What?! :)

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Seth, Carrol and Emi baby said...

Holy cow, I LOVE to hear the things that she has been saying/doing lately, they make me laugh so much!!! Thanks lil' TJ for the laugh! Love ya!
p.s. ADORABLE pic, next time I come over I wanna see them ALL.