Thursday, October 04, 2007

Peanut Foam Fun

My nephew Braden is currently living with Troy and I. His mom sent his guitar and a few other things to him which he just received. The large box the contained the guitar was full of the peanut foam stuff. All morning long Taylor kept bringing me one or two peanuts and it was driving me nuts!

I took her over to the box, opened it up and threw (okay maybe not 'threw' hard) her in. She absolutely loved it!

She has some fetish with her feet and doesn't like anything unusual on them. She also didn't like the peanuts going up her pant legs. Therefore she came up with a solution of sticking one foot out of the box to prevent further irritation.

She really loved to smell it too....don't know why! After she smelled it the first time and I started laughing she threw the peanut at me! (second picture)
She even 'tried' to help clean up...well, maybe not! She managed to make a bigger mess!

After she got all the playing out of her system and all peanuts were cleaned up the box was put far up it was placed out side and burned. :)

(Sorry the pics are so small, I was too lazy to fix them and make them bigger! They will enlarge if you want, just click on them)

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Seth, Carrol and Emi baby said...

That picture with her foot hanging out kills me!!! TOO FUN, TOO CUTE!!!