Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I love it!

Taylor has really come to liking the movie "Shrek 2".

She usually watches her 20 minute Backyardigans and she is done. But with Shrek she will watch the entire thing!

The other night as she was 'filling' up on her Shrek I was filling my belly up with some dinner.

Towards the end when the Fairy Godmother sings the song "I need a Hero" she came running up to me and grabbed my hand. I thought maybe she just needed some help getting something. As we get into the living room she grabs my other hand and wants me to dance with her! She loves to be 'twirled' like a little ballerina and just seeing her laugh and smiling at me makes my heart melt!

It's moments like these that makes the 'uncomfortable' pregnancy phase seem so far away.
The pain of labor and the recovery afterwards (including breastfeeding!!!)

All the sleepless nights, tantrums, biting, and hitting

The long days when you can't wait for nap time or BEDTIME to come or even until Daddy gets home to help out just for even 10 minutes!

Everything worth it and all you can remember is the smile, the laugh and the love that you can tell this little girl has for you!

I love her so much and I love being a mom! ;)


BenandSara said...

It's crazy how one little smile or gesture can make up for the pains of pregnancy, labor, and the embarassing trantrums. It is all so worth it!!!!

Pugmires said...

What a sweet moment!!! I was trying to get the house clean up very quickly (and stressfully) before my party tonight and Maddie came and said, 'mom I have a surprise for you.' I followed her into her room and she had cleaned it all up and drawn me a picture!
Then later I sent Maddie to her room for picking Garen up by his neck. We went in their a few minutes later to say family prayers. Before we pray we all stay what we are thankful for then add it in the prayer. Maddie said she was thankful for her mommy-even after I had just gotten anger with her. Kids are so sweet and so worth ever sleepless night, painful recoveries, and broken hearts. Thanks for sharing your cute little moment and reminding me to think of mine. Love ya!

Seth, Carrol and Emi baby said...

That is so sweet Lish. I love it.