Thursday, October 11, 2007

Beet Harvest

She may have had the flu yesterday, but she was definitely back to her old self today!

Since it is the time of year that she never gets to see her Dad and she gets super anxious to go outside after her nap we took a trip down to the field.

As soon as we pulled up to the tractor and she saw Troy coming towards us she got super excited and yelling for him! I love seeing how excited she gets when she sees him!

After handing him the baggie of snacks we brought and picking up a beet for him she waved bye bye and walked back to the car wanting to leave!

She finally gave in and enjoyed the 'giant sandbox' we were letting her play in. She also loved to do exactly what her Dad was doing.

She also got to take the tractor for a test drive...okay maybe not, but she doesn't
know the difference....yet!

I love that beet harvest is here because that means this season is coming to an end, but I hate it because we never get to see the man of our house!


Pugmires said...

What precious pictures of Taylor and her daddy. She's ready to be put to work on the farm!

Seth, Carrol and Emi baby said...

I love that picture of her holding the beet, if you wouldn't of wrote that it was a beet, I would of thought it was a rat or something...maybe a fish outta the dirt. Guess that's me being raised in ID in the city.

BenandSara said...

cute pictures! I'm sure it's nice to have Taylor feeling better. And by the way cute "blog decor."


Hey Alisha! Good hearing from you! ...And your family is ADORABLE!!! You look amazing and your daughter is as cute as can be! Don't you just love the blog world?! So I want to know how you did your template?! It looks like a scrapbook page! You'll have to tell me your secret!

The Shaffer Family said...

Hi Alisha! This is Brecca, from Rick's College B-ball. How the heck are you? Things look to be going really well. You have a beautiful little girl! I would love to here from you! Carrol found my blog on accident and told me you had one too. Crazy Huh? Well I hope all is well. I'll try to keep in touch. My blog is
Let me know how you are and where you are. Looks like you stuck close to home. But can't tell for sure.
So glad to see your beautiful family.