Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sleepless Nights

The past two nights Taylor has woke up screaming! It is not a little whimper or cry out here and there, it is awful! I am pretty sure it is not pain from teething because all she has left is her 2 year molars! Unless they decided to come early! She has a full mouth of teeth!

Being the mean Mom that I am I let her cry herself back to sleep the first 17 times (okay, so 17 is a bit much- more like 3 or 4 times!) Finally, by 5 a.m. I gave in and got her some milk. The night before last she got to come lay in bed with Troy and I, that only lasted an hour and she just wanted to play, so last night I wasn't going to pick her up...just give her the milk and leave. And that is exactly what I did, she threw a royal fit! By the time I was climbing back into my warm bed I was running back into her room. I heard a huge 'thud' and then she was crying hysterically. I for sure thought "She just threw herself out of her bed!"

Nope, just the milk. But she was shaking and screaming by now that I picked her up and she came to lay with us. I tried laying her back down a little while later (and me getting shoved out of the bed! She only likes my pillow therefore likes the whole thing leaving me at the edge!) but it didn't work. I felt like a walking zombie trying to just rock her back to sleep in her room, so back to our bed...

She got to lay with us until she thought she wanted off the bed to play then that was it and she was put back into bed and had to cry it out. It breaks my heart!

I think it might be that she is hungry, she has decided that some shredded cheese and a slice of bread is good enough dinner for her but is starving by the time it is sleeping time! Meal times are hard with her because she won't eat ANYTHING with marinara sauce, no potatoes, no meat (except hot dogs!). She was eating so well the past few weeks, but I think she is tired of the same thing over and over!

Or could it be nightmares!? I found out Sunday evening that Smallville is now a "when Taylor is sleeping" show. I thought she was too busy playing with toys and not paying attention to the tv when an intense part of the show started and she dropped whatever she was playing with, started crying and darted out of the room! I can't believe how intuned these sweet little ones are to the things around them! It was turned right off!

What ever it may be, I hope it stops because I am tired and pretty sure Troy is too...I even get to sleep in until 10 because she sleeps in until then! But not Troy, he must get up and work...

That is all, I am done rambling-

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