Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Taylor has taken a few too many spills on my wet, freshly mopped floors. As a result whenever she sees me pulling out the mop she goes running the opposite direction....crying!

This morning was no different. I pulled out the mop and she started to throw a fit. Once Backyardigans was on and she was safe and sound on the living room rug she was okay. Once in awhile she would wonder over to the kitchen and I would warn her the floor was wet and to be careful.

Once again crying and running the other way.

While I was mopping the floors in the living room (around her and the rug) she would scream when I would get too close to her!

When she saw me put the mop away she thought it was safe....until she stepped onto the kitchen floor and felt it was wet! She stops dead in her tracks and lifts up her wet foot. She refuses to move until I come over and wipe her foot dry! She was mad then because she went back down the hallway crying. When she hears the backdoor open (Daddy's home!) She comes running but stops at the edge of the carpet and just peaks around the corner to wave and say hi!

I kind of don't blame her! Some of the falls she has taken don't sound pretty on the noggin! :)


Seth, Carrol and Emi baby said...

LOL!!! THat is so adorable! Give her a HUGE hug and a kiss for me ok!

Pugmires said...

Taylor is so cute. Kids are so funny at that age. I love her hair and dress.