Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dinner & a Mission Call

To start off my nephew (the same one I went to Canada for his graduation) got his mission call today!!
Drum roll....Nevada Las Vegas Mission! How cool yet hard would that be! Way to go Braden! He leaves Sept. 19th so it's coming so soon. Hopefully they can work it out to come down earlier to make it to my brother Jason's wedding (8th). They made it work with his older brother coming out this way a week earlier hopefully they can with him!

Now the dinner part...
Tonight a few women from the ward got together and went to dinner. No kids, no husband (not that they are bad!), just women! Girl talk, Girl talk, Girl talk! It was wonderful! Something a stay at home mom desperately needs once in awhile! Everyone had a wonderful time (it seemed) and all of us want to make it a must at least once a month (or two)! The women that went were all that I 'talk' to once in awhile at church, but never really know what is really going on in their lives unless we are serving in the same organization. It was awesome! Ahhh...
Love my husband and my kid and the time we spend together but also loved talking to a girl....that is not 18 months! :)

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