Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th!

I took these pictures in the "matching" outfits we found for the two kids shopping on Monday in New York. So, these two were always together for the past week but when we tried to keep them together for pictures they wouldn't cooperate! Kids!
Also, how awful am I that I make decorative clothing for the holidays and I put her in this outfit this morning?! Haha!
Some of the pictures with the lake in the background is what you see when you look outside my sisters back windows. It was gorgeous and a couple of days it was clear enough to see Toronto!

We got home last night at 2:30! So we skipped the Scouts breakfast that we usually go to and the parade! We decided to nap and take it easy this morning then go play at the river with Troy's family once we catch up on a little more sleep!
I have TONS of pictures and stories about the trip but I am not motivated enough to blog them yet so eventually I will cover the vacation. :)

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