Thursday, June 28, 2007

Friendly Cousins

Since my niece Ashley, her husband Matt and their little boy Wyatt got here (they missed their flight and was delayed a day) Taylor and Wyatt have had so much fun together! Taylor is very "motherly" and when she sees Wyatt's sippy cup she insists she gives it to him and also the same with his pacifier. She does however steal the blanket! :)

This afternoon was the day that we actually all came here for....the graduation. Just walking through the halls of the high school made you start to sweat and it got worse in the auditorium! You add heat and tired babies and you end up in the hall. The graduates were barely entering the room and I was already heading out with Taylor. Gina followed shortly after with Wyatt. After an hour of heat, chasing babies and awards that were completely not worth honoring in such heat; Matt, Ashley and I took the babies home. Taylor finally gave up on the walk to the car and Wyatt followed shortly after. Since it was Ashley's brothers big day and there was no point in two of us staying at the house while the munchkins slept I get to sit in a nice air conditioned house!

Taylor and Wyatt are at such a fun age where they play somewhat well together that it is nice (they are 4 months apart...Taylor is older).

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Pugmires said...

I hope you are having lots of fun in Canada. And I really hope your trip home goes more smoothly then the trip there. The pictures are way cute. Take care! Love ya, Em