Friday, June 15, 2007

Take A Seat-

The other day when I went to put some laundry away in Taylor's room I noticed the wipes box over by her toy piano. Thinking that I forgot to put it back into it's rightful spot (under the crib) when I was done refilling her wipes box. I simply slid it back into place.

Later that afternoon, I knew Taylor was playing in her room due to the beautiful yet loud music from her piano filling up our little home and became concerned when she went quiet. I went to check on her and I found her pushing the wipes box back over to her toy! By the time I got the camera out (and everything ready....I finally got cornered into a camera lesson!) she was sitting so nice completely happy again with her toy!

Again this afternoon, I found her sitting on the box playing away! She is so funny, yet a little strange! :)

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