Thursday, June 14, 2007

Do not feed the Trolls

A while back as I was going through some things I found a couple of my troll dolls that I had when I was younger. Taylor loves playing with them now, like I once did.

Yesterday as I was doing some vacuuming, to keep Taylor occupied for a little bit I gave her a measuring cup with some raisins in it (her favorite way of receiving a treat!). As I was finishing up with my cleaning, I walked by Taylor to see her crouched down trying to force feed the troll doll that was laying on the ground. I told her the troll wasn't hungry and she shakes her head yes then picks it up. Since I was busy with other things when I witnessed this feeding, I only got pictures of her packing the ugly (they are pretty ugly!) troll around (along with one of my vacuum attachments, which she loves to steal!).

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