Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Cleaning Out My Closet!

A couple times a year I do a deep cleaning of my closet and donate alot to D.I. or to my nieces. Well, my side of the closet desperately needed some cleaning....and space! The picture above is a collage of both my side (right) and Troy's side (left). As you can tell my side is crammed full plus flows over to his side! His side is way smaller because of the built in shoe rack (which also taken over by me!). So, I decide to clean it out today! Of course Taylor wakes up about 5 minutes into my project so she is entertained by all the hangers and pile of clothes.

As I am going through things I realize a few ridiculous facts....

1. I have 4 denim skirts-who needs that many??? 2 long and 2 short. I actually didn't give any of these away though. One of each is bigger and I wore them alot pregnancy and post-pregnancy stages so they went in my "maternity" clothes pile. Sad that pile is actually still an issue!

2. Five black skirts! Holy Cow! I think I only wear two sometimes three of the five. Two go into my "get rid pile."

3. I still have my skirt I wore to my high school graduation! Are you kidding! I have hung on to that thing for 6 years?!?!? It's got to go!

4. The dress hanging behind the door in one of the pictures of Taylor is the dress I wore to my nieces wedding 2 years ago! I have not worn it since! It's a little too dressy for church, but I still have all my prom and homecoming dresses in storage and I could have at least put it with them!

5. 62 Hangers. That is the number of items hanging that I either got rid of or put away (winter clothes). Most of them were the "pre-maternity" and post baby clothes that I have never put away. Not to mention the pile on the built in dresser (see before picture) that is alot of post baby clothes (and G's). I had alot of these because I didn't need to wear maternity until around 32-33 weeks along so I had alot of "grow with me" stuff.
6. I am ridiculous! I kept a few things that I hardly ever wear but couldn't part with....maybe in a few months they can go too!

Here is the after, I like my clothes color coordinated and in groups (ie-church, button up, ect) I know I am weird-Taylor's closet is organized like that too!


Lotz Family said...

Ahh, another organizing neat freak like myself! I absolutely LOVE how it feels after you DI a whole bunch of stuff!

deidra said...

I just made a big sweep of my closet. Chris felt inspired to clean his out, too. It' nice to purge some of that stuff!

My closet is totally arranged by color, too. I think anyone with a reasonable amount of clothing has to do it that way in order to find anything in there!

Troy said...

Buy less clothing and the sorting will be less burdensome.