Monday, January 23, 2012

{Paige Sarah}

Yes, it is true. I am a slacker.
Our cute little baby was born, blessed, is now 2 months old, our oldest turned 6, lost her first tooth, had a dance recital, Christmas came and left, and the New Year arrived. All without me blogging about it.

So now I need to play catch up:

{The birth of Paige}
Short(er) version:

We thought it was time 2 times before she actually arrived. Yes, I went into the hospital hoping to leave with a new little one only to be sent home. It's not like it was my first kid. She's my third. Contractions both times were two to three minutes apart. I was in PAIN!

My doctor's appointment the Tuesday (22nd) before I had her I was 75% effaced and dilated to a 3. He told me when the contractions were close to go to the hospital. I made a little comment that he would probably just send me home again. He assured me he wouldn't. So I went home. Suffered the rest of the day and through the night. There was a time that night that I was having so many contractions I thought I was going to die. But I knew if I made it until morning I can get to the hospital, the Doctor wouldn't have to get out of bed and he would let me have the baby :)

7:30 am came around (23rd) and I told Troy we better start getting the kids up and ready. We dropped the kids off at my Mom's around 10:00. And for the third time headed to labor & delivery.

This time after getting "checked" and hooked up to all the monitors the nurse came in and told us the Doctor told her to get me completely settled in......we were going to have a baby!

About 10:30 my water was broken. Throughout the entire pregnancy I had my mind set on no epidural, like with Parker's delivery. After I was in the hospital the first time. I changed my mind. The nurses were instructed to start me on pitocin. I refused to let them start the pit until the epidural was in!

At 11:30 the pit was started right when Mr. Fritz was giving me the epidural.

Checked at 1:10 and I was a 5.
By 2:00 I was feeling a little pressure 'down there' but I knew the nurse was going to be there in 10 minutes. So I didn't call the nurses in.

2:10 rolls around and the nurse comes in. I was ready.
She knew how fast Parker came into this world that she wouldn't let me push until the Doctor got there. She starts getting the room ready while we wait for him.

He arrives and one push later. We have a head.
One and a half pushes after that our sweet little Paige is in the world. 2:19 pm.
No pain and super easy. Epidural was heaven.

7 lbs. 4 oz.
19" long.
(@ 39 weeks)

Our biggest and longest baby.
(Taylor: 6 lbs. 13 oz. 18" long @ 36.5 weeks)
(Parker: 7 lbs. 1 oz. 18" long @ 38 weeks)

Shortly after she got here Troy started making phone calls. The best was when we called Taylor Jane. She has been waiting for SO LONG for this little sister. The whole month of November she kept asking me if I wanted to have this little baby. Of course I did, but it wasn't that easy :)
She informed her she had a little sister and she very quiet. "Okay, want to talk to Parker?" then as she hands Parker the phone Troy hears her in the back ground running around in excitement. So cute.

The doctor's were all going to family dinners (Thanksgiving) the next day that by 7:00 am my doctor was in and I was discharged. By 7:30 Paige's doctor was giving us the okay to leave. She had to still get her hearing test done so we didn't get to officially go home until close to 9:30-ish.

She has been a wonderful baby. At about 15 minutes old she was ready to nurse. We go about every 3 hours between meals. She is currently sleeping 6-7 hours each night (HEAVEN!) She goes to bed around 8 and usually after I get Taylor (Parker on Mon/Wed) off to school she is up. She usually only takes one long nap during the day and then little cat naps the rest of the day.

3 weeks old::

One Month::

We went in and got family pictures taken the week after Christmas. Parker was a little stink. (More pics later when I get all of them. Or you can see them on FB)

We blessed Paige on New Years Day. My sister from Belgium was in town and so it was perfect to bless her while she was here. I made her dress. Leading up to the blessing day she was pushing 5 days without a stinky diaper. I knew it was because she wanted to make a mess of her blessing dress. The day before we had a blow-out....on Grandma's lap. But I was happy! ;)

During the blessing she was also filling her drawers. But luckily it all stayed inside the diaper.

We did not really stay up and celebrate the New Year. Troy woke me up at midnight, "Happy New Year" by 12:10 we were both out of bed cleaning up throw up in Parker's room. (Saturday morning was Taylor's turn).
My dear sweet friend Courtney made all the food for the blessing (how awesome is she?!?!?) If Gina wasn't in town and Courtney wasn't going through so much making the meal for us I would have pushed the blessing. But we didn't.

Every one that came to the blessing lunch pretty much got the flu. Sorry family!
It also made the rounds in our family. Luckily Paige was skipped.

Life with three so far has been okay. The oldest two are so noisy sometimes we forget about sweet little Paige and when the room finally gets quiet, that is when we hear the little cries. Poor thing! But that is very rare.
Taylor is still very obsessed with her little sister.
Parker has had the hardest time with the new addition. He was demoted and he didn't like that one bit. He also became a true terrorizing little boy. Little Troy I should say :) But we love him.

At seven weeks, she weighed in at an even 10 pounds. I think I only feed our kids cream. They chunk up pretty good.

This pretty much sums up the last two months of little Paige. Minus her two month pictures. Which will be taken and hopefully posted soon.
She is a complete duplicate of Taylor. We see resemblances every day and looking through baby pictures.
It's makes me curious if she will be a mini-clone of Taylor as she grows up!


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So sweet! I love her dress!

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She looks like an angel. I know how happy you are to have her.
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