Monday, November 28, 2011

{1 Week}

The day before I had Paige the Doctor let me schedule an induction day at my last appointment.
That induction day would have been yesterday.

I am so glad I had her before her 'eviction' day :)

Today she is one week. We had our follow up Doctor's appointment for her yesterday.
Weight: 7.0 lbs.

A few notes::

**Her middle name: Sarah is Troy's Grandma's name. In my head it was between Sarah and Madilyn (My Grandma's name) for the middle name. Obviously Sarah won.

**So far she has been a very content baby. If she gets fussy, just picking her up and letting her lay on your chest calms her down quickly.

**She has the tiny little chicken legs like Parker had with long toes.

**I get up with her a few times at night, but she goes right back to sleep....and so do I. But I am still exhausted.

**I have never had a baby poop as much as she does. She is a pooping Queen!

**Troy calls her a little goat with her little cry and grunts. I don't hear it.

**She has cute, fun little hairy ears. One ear has more hair than the other.

**She had the longest finger nails when she was born. I really hate cutting little tiny baby finger nails, but she needed them cut one second after she was born! They were stinkin' long!

**She doesn't 'hate' to be un-swaddled but she does hate to be naked.

**She has peed on me more times in the past week than Parker ever did-you know they say to keep little boys covered. I never had that problem. Paige is a different story. :)

**Taylor absolutely {adores} her. Maybe a little too much. After school she always runs in the house and asks where her little sister is at. I have to tell her multiple times to give me a little space when I am nursing her. I am a huge bubble person and having an audience of Taylor AND sometimes Parker hovered around me is a bit too much to handle. Taylor's response, "I just love her so much!"

**It upsets Taylor if Paige starts crying and it takes me a minute to comfort her. It's like a little stampede when the two older kids hear her wake up over the monitor. They are so excited to see her.

**Parker has turned into full time little boy. I guess I am lucky it took him 3.5 years to get there, but he is constantly jumping, stomping, yelling, teasing, testing boundaries and making messes faster than I can clean them. He loves his little sister, but not as much as Taylor.


Robnz Fam said...

Oh my! Why can't I hold her right now when she is that little?! I may jump on a plane earlier than planned ;). She is soooo cute, and sooo little. I usually can't tell how little newborns are in pictures, but for some reason yours look like they captured her little body just right. Sarah is a beautiful middle name. What a sweetheart!

Deidra said...

I wasn't 100% sure that's where her name came from, but when my mom told me she'd arrived, I had to ask "H or no h?" I love that great-grandma Wilkins has two great-[great-] granddaughters named after her. And neither of their moms ever met the woman! :-)