Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Famous Last Words

Troy is a very well intentioned pack rat.

He finds items and (his famous last words!) says "I can sell this!"

But never does.
The item(s) then get shoved somewhere in our home.

Repeat 100x. (LOL)

Well, he finally did it.

He gathered up (A TON) his valuable 'junk' and added


to get this:

and then bought himself (us) a new one of these:

(Canon 7D)
Yay! It does video! :)

Merry Christmas to him! ;)

After our photography seminar in February this will be on ebay too.....

(Canon 20D)

Hopefully sooner rather than later.......


deidra said...

He just needed the right motivator!

Now I'm curious as to what kind of treasures he sold on eBay to make that kind of money.

Troy said...

Mostly camera gear, paintball gear, backpacks, and best of all a sewing machine. I figured if I got around $7-800 total I would be happy. When it was all done I ended up with almost $1,500. The sewing machine was awesome. We basically ended up getting it for free (long story) and I thought it would bring somewhere around $300. It sold for $620 which made me happy.

SAYDA said...

I was curious too what he sold on eBay. That's amazing that he ended up with so much money!