Thursday, August 12, 2010

Grandma's Funeral {In Pictures}

It's hard to write about funerals.
There are so many emotions.

So instead, here are the pictures I took at the cemetery/dinner after wards....

All the Grandsons were the pallbearers, three of which were my brothers...




Honorary Pallbearers: The Grandsons in-law (that were there)

My Dad & His siblings...

Donna, Rusty, Ron, Glen (Dad)

All the Grand kids, minus two. My oldest sister Gina lives in Belgium and wasn't able to make it and one Grandson passed away a few years ago.

Now add in all the Greats. (Minus a few & 3 Great Greats)

One more cute picture of my cute/shy little baby boy :)
It was a sad day, but I know that she is where she wants to be.....with Grandpa.

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The Goldade's said...

I'm sorry for your sad day...those things are rough. Hang in're beautiful! ;)