Monday, August 30, 2010

Dinner Dilema

On the menu for dinner:

Baked Potato
Corn on the Cob

I have 3 potatoes in the fridge. When I go to put them in the oven, one is bad. Only have 2 for the 4 of us. No biggie.

Buy 3 corn on the cobs. Kids never eat a whole one anyways. Go to put them in the boiling water, one is completely spoiled and end up with 2. Just great.

My package of steaks has 3 steaks in them. One for me, one for Troy and one to split between the two children.

As I am dishing up plates:
I get half of one corn, half of one potato and one steak.
Kids get half of a half of corn, half of a half of potato, half a steak

Half way through our meal, Taylor wants more steak. I give her some of mine. Then she wants thirds and more corn. All of which comes from my plate since Parker is scarfing down all his food.

Dinner has been over for 10 minutes and I am still hungry. I NEVER run into a problem of not enough food AND both kids eating all their food so that there is no left overs.

Maybe it's time for me to start cooking full portions for all 4 of us......


Erin L said...

your kids don't eat a whole corn on the cob? Ana will usually eat 2 whole cobs and Jack will eat at least 1.

But that dinner sure sounds yummy!

Melissa said...

Hahaha! You just wait! Right now I have to cook seven steaks! Two for David, two for Keegan, one each for me, Ash and Lan. Every time I make mashed potatoes Keegan asks if he can have mine!

Robnz Fam said...

That's funny! That's how I cook too, way back when...when we had a kitchen. But this is a good reminder for me when we get to Ohio!

So sorry that I wasn't able to catch up with you this month. It's hard between three families and they all had something planned everytime we were there. In between that and packing and sorting through our stuff to see what we could take in our tiny trailer, our weekends were anything but relaxing!! Thank goodness for blogs and email. And the fact that we will be friends forever, whether you like it or not...hehe...