Friday, June 04, 2010

Taylor's Sunbeam Teacher

Our Primary has a WONDERFUL Sunbeam teacher!

It is not just Taylor that ADORES her, but every child that this lady has comes away loving her. No joke.

She has lesson plans that put us all to shame and has such a fun way of teaching the children.
I just got an e-mail from her with some pictures that they have taken recently after their lessons.

Thankful for animals. They had a Safari hunt and went looking around the church for animals. She made each kid the cutest pair of binoculars.

This last Sunday I saw them walking around the church sporting these awesome glasses.

Thankful for eyes day.....

She is the type of teacher that kids always remember and LOVE coming to church because they know she will be there ready to teach!

I love that my daughter gets to experience her greatness!
Now if only we can keep her there for another two years until Parker goes through (maybe I have a little pull since I am in the Presidency?!?!??!) :)


Emilyjo said...

You've got to love those great primary teachers!!! We have several that make my life easier as well!
Taylor looks so grown up!

Lindsay said...

Isn't that the best when your child has a teacher that goes above & beyond in their lessons? That's great for Taylor!