Friday, October 23, 2009

Barbie Conversation

Yesterday afternoon, while I was busy sewing away, Taylor was quietly (surprisingly well behaved too!) playing with her barbies on the floor.
She had all her barbies, barbie car, all their clothes, brushes, shoes etc just kind of muttering play time conversations to herself.

After a few minutes I finally really tuned into her conversations and it went something like this....

Barbie: Kik (really it's Kit, but she struggles with her T's) you need to pick up your toys now or they go in the garbage.

Kik: No Daddy, I love them!

Barbie: Kik, I just teasin'!

Can you tell who she has this conversation with a lot?

Hint: I never tell her "I'm just teasing"

When did my little girl grow up and have play conversations that actually make sense with her toys????

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Robnz Fam said...

Ok, here's one for ya. I always tell Emi, "No hitting Emi" So she'll randomly say to me (not in a quiet voice, and YES in sacrament meeting...) "No Hit Me Mom!"

OMG. Seriously. I've never hit you child.