Thursday, September 17, 2009

So it Begins....

(Picture from 2008 Harvest)

Yesterday was the start of 'my' 7th season of beet harvest. (My, meaning me taking lunches up to the field every day/Not having a hubby around for a few weeks.)
Early digs usually only take a few days then the 'real massive' harvest starts mid-October. But this year, they are all being dug early. I am kind of excited that the farming season will be done early this year!

Yesterday as I was packing Troy's lunch to take to him in the field Taylor couldn't wait until I was done so we could visit Dad. She was even the one that handed him the goods.
Today she was just as excited, but insisted on carrying the lunch by herself to the car and SHE was the one to hand it to Dad again.
We will see if the excitement continues for the full two weeks, or she will be begging to stay home when I say it's time to head to the field.

I have tried convincing her that riding with Dad in the tractor is fun, but her answer: "That tractor afreads (afraid/scares) me."
She won't even get out of the car to throw beets around like previous years.

How unlucky am I to get a kid that doesn't want to ride with their Dad in the tractor?!?!?!? Every farmer's wife needs to have kids that can be sent to ride with Dad at least once in awhile!!!!


Melissa said...

My kids would be more then happy to ride in the tractor in Taylor's place! :)

SAYDA said...

Taylor is just a little princess.