Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not Her Cup of Tea

While wondering around D.I. a couple weeks back I stopped and looked at the VHS movie titles.
Seeing all the 'classics' that I watched when I was little and {Loved} might I add.

I started putting them in my cart. Taylor soon became a big helper girl and would pick out a few that she liked too.

You see, we have a DVD/VHS combo so them being VHS didn't bother me.

That night after dinner my sister's and I started making a new quilt and pillows for Gina's bed. To distract Taylor until bedtime one of her new videos was chosen from the stack and the show began.

This is what she chose to watch first....

She didn't get to finish it because it was bedtime. The next morning while I was cleaning up breakfast, I asked if she wanted to finish the show.

Eyes wide she said "NO! It's too scerry. It afreds me." (In Taylor translation: It is too scary. I am afraid of it.)

So Alice in Wonderland has been overlooked since. She never thinks twice about wanting to watch it nor does she debate if she wants to try watching it again.

Maybe in a few years when she isn't afraid of EVERYTHING, we will try. Until then it will just look pretty in the cupboard.

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The Wayments said...

I was scared of that one too...and snow white. That witch! What were they thinking?