Monday, June 01, 2009

Handi Quilter

To start, a few of you asked some questions about the quilter purchased from craigslist.
To answer, NO it is not a long arm quilter. It is the frame that my home sewing machine sits on and it moves along a track. You can read more about it HERE
I would LOVE a long arm quilter, but that is a {HUGE} chunk of change that I would much rather put towards this.....

A price of how much I paid was asked also. Well, the site that you read about the quilter frame says the frame is $800. I paid less than half.

With that out of the way I finally got around to setting it up, practicing on some scraps and then committing to put a quilt that needed to be quilted on. (Pictures later, it's a gift....spoiler Mom!)

Two words.....LOVE IT!

Once I got the hang of standing to the side of my machine, the whole process of advancing the quilt, etc. It was fantastic and I am so excited to be able to quilt my own quilts with out the hassle of pushing the quilt through the machine or keeping the fabric on the back perfect so it doesn't bunch!

So until I am a millionaire (and have a bigger house!) the frame is just what I needed to finish up the quilts!

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megan said...

thanks for clarifying! I didn't even know they made such things for your own sewing machine...shows how much of a novice I am!

can't wait to see more quilts from you btw
loveeeed the one you sold recently!