Tuesday, May 26, 2009

{This} Girl

It's 8:38 am.
Breakfast is half eaten.
Beds not made yet.
Toys are every where.

And several melt downs have occurred.

It's gonna be a long day of battling with Taylor Jane.

Some days, this girl could drive you to drink.

She's that bad.
They should call it Terrible Three's instead of Terrible Two's.

Three is way worse than two!


Nikkala said...

We have those days at our house too. The worst days are when he wakes up crying and then whines, "Hold me Mom." The ENTIRE day.

Crystal said...

I hear ya! My SIL used to tell me that there is the "Terrible Twos", but there is no name for three because they were so bad. Hang in there; fours are a dream. (Mostly.) :)

Kristen said...

I agree. Three is harder than two! Good thing she's so cute, huh? It's the only thing that makes it worth it!

Melissa said...

I told you three was awful! Hopefully the rest of your day gets better.

Lindsay said...

Oh my, I hope the day has been better for Taylor (and you!). We had a major meltdown this morning before leaving for story time, must be the age?!

The Call's said...

I agree with the terrible three's.