Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Parker's First Birthday {Party}

We celebrated Parker's birthday this past Sunday.

With baseball in full swing and the farmer's working in the fields, Sunday was our best chance of getting everybody ('real' birthday isn't until tomorrow {Wednesday}). Out of those that live in the area, only one family wasn't in attendance! We had a wonderful turnout!

Planning the party, I knew it was most likely going to rain but I still had a bar-b-que before the cake was served.
I {LOVE} getting together with family and eating! :)

We did a baseball theme. I even made Parker his own 6" round cake to tear into!

Don't her eyes just look so tired! She refused to take a nap today!

Once he got too messy he was done!

Quick bath, then it was presents time! Taylor enjoyed opening them 95% more than Parker did. Oh well.

Showing Aunt Patrice his new car.

I love that after presents are open all the kids gather into the center of the room and tear into every package!

And what's a party without the appearance of 'bag lady'?!?!?
That's our little Taylor Jane. She is such a little collector. After carrying around these bags for a while she then found her shopping cart and became a 'true' bag lady.

Thanks to all those family members that joined us to celebrate Parker's first birthday and for all the wonderful gifts!

Good thing we had the party early. Poor thing is sick. Tonight is the first night I have been able to get him to eat or drink more than 2 oz. at a time since his party! He slept this afternoon from 12 to 5! Then he was back in bed by his usual 7!!!

His bum is so sore from so many poopy diapers and I just can't get him to break his fever!

I hate sick kids.


Melissa said...

Poor kid, I hope he feels well enough to enjoy his real birthday tomorrow. Thanks for inviting us, we had a great time! Happy Birthday Parker T!

deidra said...

Happy birthday, Parker! (And that Aunt Patrice has cute shoes. Go mom!)

megan said...

can you believe he is 1?? wow! that must mean my baby is next..
i don't have a theme yet...thought about baseball, but you'd totally show me up, so I dunno.
great job though!! love how everything turned out miss creative!

Gina Nielson said...

Happy Birthday Parker!!!!

THE CALLS said...

Happy Birthday today Parker. What a wonderful birthday celebration! Cute theme for a boy. Everything looked so wonderful. It seems like you just had him yesterday. Taylor is such a beautiful bag lady.

Nicole said...

Cute party decor. Happy Birthday Parker!

Lindsay said...

What a great party! I love the birthday banner--you are so talented! And that cake, wow, you are putting the bar really hight for the rest of us:) Of course cute Taylor had to help out with the presents--isn't that too be expected now?! I'm glad everything went so well.

Hewards said...

I can't believe he's a year. What a doll, and he scored!

Emilyjo said...

Happy Birthday littel Parker. He is such a cutie. Sorry he's not feeling well.
I love the baseball cake-you did such a good job!
Will you come to my kids birthdays and make their cakes?

Brian and Whit said...

Sick birthdays really are no fun, but I'm glad you got to celebrate earlier! Sad we couldn't make it -- looks like fun!

Heather B said...

Wow, all the decorations and cupcakes look so dang cute! Great picturs.

Jenni said...

You are so good with birthdays. I loved the Happy Birthday decor and the baseball cakes. It looked like so much fun. I hope the little guy starts to feel better soon.