Saturday, April 11, 2009

{Sneak Peek} for Emily! :)

One of my best friends from High School was in town this last week and I was lucky enough to take some pictures of her cute little family! I have one more picture I want to edit before I send the 'keepers' her way, but here's a sneak peek for you Emily! :)

Little Garen didn't want his picture taken at all, but we finally got him to stand in the general area "Searching for Treasure" in the trunks!

Maddie was a pro! While we were trying to get the two younger ones to cooperate we were taking pictures of Maddie, we only had to take 3 or 4 shots in each pose and we were done. She is just so dang cute!

Of course, Taylor was more than willing to sit down and get her picture taken (of course! The day we DON'T want to get some pictures of her!!) I think we have more pictures of Maddie and Taylor together then we do of Maddie with her little brother!
Taylor loved playing with Maddie and was so sad when we wouldn't let her bring her upstairs to play with her! Then again a little sad when they left! I wish they lived closer!


THE CALLS said...

Pop over to my blog. I have a blog award for you!

Cute pictures! You are a great photographer! Emily's children are so cute!

Melissa said...

Cute kids! They turned out great!