Friday, March 13, 2009

Spaghetti Face

While Taylor was growing up, I never got a picture of her with her face covered in spaghetti.

Not because I am a bad Mom, but because there was never one to take.

She HATED and still hates spaghetti!

Not Parker! He loves it!

But then again, he loves food.


Gina Nielson said...

He looks very happy with his dirty face! :)

Melissa said...

What a cutie!

Lindsay said...

He seems like such a happy little guy! I'm sure you just LOVE being his mom and of course Taylor's too:)!

THE CALLS said...

What a cute face!!!

The Gammons said...

hey! i had the same bedding for bailey that you have for parker! i love it! i have the mobile, two lamp shades, and some other matching accesories if you are ever looking for anything!

Jenni said...

Love the spaghetti face.