Monday, March 23, 2009


We never had one growing up so washing dishes by hand was not a big deal (okay,I hated washing dishes, but it was a chore that had to be done.)

The one in college was an old one, but it got the job done. It was like a little slice of heaven.

After marrying Troy and moving into his trailer, the one there was LOUD, but it was better than nothing.

The one in this house when we bought it, was broken so we dealt with hand washing. That lasted a few months, then we splurged and bought our Bosch.

It was absolute {HEAVEN!}


Cleaned everything.


It has been dead now going on two months.

I am missing it dearly. Every evening after dinner as I am standing at the sink washing dishes, for the second time that day I am reminded just how much I HATE washing dishes.

The part on our dishwasher that broke was actually recalled so we will get the dishwasher fixed for free, but it the waiting game of when the 'back ordered' part will make it to our door step and the 'trained' professional {hopefully} follows shortly to fix it.

Call me spoiled, but life without a dishwasher is rough.

Really rough.


megan said...

not spoiled! it's totally rough!

and life without a washer and dryer is rough too!

Nikkala said...

At least you get a free fix. But the waiting game sounds more annoying than having to pay.

Melissa said...

Eeww! I didn't realize you were still waiting. Yuck! I will never ever ever ever live without a dishwasher or air conditioning again. Mom and Dad finally got a dish washer when they didn't have us anymore!

THE CALLS said...

You're not spoiled. The dishwasher is just our helper. I'm glad you're getting it fixed.

Happy belated anniversary!


Cederberg Family said...

I love my dishwasher! I would hate not having it! Your not spoiled at all!

The Wayments said...

Alisha, I can't hardly keep up with the dishes when I have a dish washer, but, I know you...they are all done and put away minutes after supper! I did not know that it had been broken. I am SO sorry. Hopefully Troy has been helping too. Logan's pics turned out darling. Tell Troy thanks.