Friday, January 16, 2009

Move Your Arms Dudey!

Parker is TRYING really hard to crawl!

He has been doing the 'down dog' for a while now, but the last couple of weeks he has actually found his knees, but has yet learned to move the arms.

But he's getting better....kind of.

This little man will sit up perfect, but will only do it for a couple minutes. He doesn't want to just sit there, he would rather be rolling around after his sister or working on his crawl.

We COMPLETELY skipped the 'sit up and stay in one place' phase.
When I see him wanting to crawl, I just want to tell him to stop and stay still.
He is growing up too fast and I am not ready for him to be mobile enough to go EVERY WHERE.

Yet, him being able to follow me around the house would be alot easier since he is turning into my 'Mama's boy' and cries if he realizes I am not in the same room as him.

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Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

wow I cant belive he is starting to crawl. They grow up way too fast!