Monday, December 08, 2008

{Happy Birthday} Troy!

All day long I was coaching Taylor on saying "Happy Birthday Dad" and then when she got it down I would record her saying it to post on here for him.

She got sick of me saying it to her over and over because when she {finally} decided (she's pretty stubborn on talking when she wants to be!) to repeat it all I got was.....

"Hap Day Troooyyyeeee"

That is right our daughter only calls her Dad Troy.

I figured that would do and then I remembered that my lovely camera died after the sad Santa picture. So all he get's is this post-no video :)

So Happy Birthday to a {wonderful, laid back, easy going, Mr. tease of the family, fun, talented, hard working, fabulous, smart, FANTASTIC} Troooyyyeeee! :)



Emilyjo said...

Happy Birthday Troy!!! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Over the moon said...

Happy Birthday Troy!! And Alisha, that video is SO funny...I was so sad when it ended, I was like why didn't she keep going?!?! :0)

I got your email. Not happy. But I TOTALLY understand, being a mom myself! I will of course make time for you next week, I think I will have time off those days actually, so it'll probably work better! YAY! Although, the Olive Garden for dinner is calling my name....