Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve & Day {2008}

Growing up, the only present we were allowed to open before Christmas Day was ALWAYS our pajamas. I have kept the tradition 'alive' and the only present opened before the big day was the kids' pajamas. I think they looked so adorable :)

After the pajamas were on and it was time for bed, the "Santa Key" was placed on the outside of our door. When we started telling Taylor that Santa was going to come she started freaking out (probably remembering this...) and was crying and telling us she didn't want him to come over :)
Then the milk and cookies were laid out and it was off to bed.

Our little home is still suffering from the nasty winter cold, so Parker didn't sleep well (which means Mom & Dad didn't either!) so we were awake at 5:00 and out of bed by 6:00. Taylor woke up shortly after and then the fun began!

The entire time we were opening presents, Taylor was very upset that Santa ate ALL the cookies and left her none. But she eventually relaxed....eventually.

We were extremely blessed this year. To name a few things...I received the camera I wanted, Troy got a new lens for his camera, Parker's 'big' gift was a new car seat, and Taylor's was the much anticipated 'Pony' that she CONSTANTLY talked about!

Learning from our mistake from last year, where we put her kitchen set up before all the other presents were open, we kept the pony out of sight until it was time. We put her stocking in her room under her little Christmas tree, then we sent her and Troy to look for it while I pulled the pony out. She was so excited that she had candy canes in her stocking until....

She also got this doll. When I would see the commercials for this doll I thought it was so retarded. Taylor never showed any interest that she liked it either. Then one day at Wal-Mart, she saw the doll and was totally in love. I decided her 'Christmas' was done, but her birthday is in a few weeks so I would get it for her then. I had a change of heart on Christmas Eve and got her the doll and saved her leapster for her birthday. She loved it :)

My parents also got all the kids who didn't already have one, a Wii!!! I had never played before and Troy and I LOVE it! It is so much fun!

After the presents were opened, garbage picked up, and baths were given we headed over to my sister's for my family's dinner.
Then at 5:00 it was off to Troy's side for another dinner there.

We had a wonderful Christmas VERY FULL of family and good food. But it didn't end there!
On Saturday, my brother from Utah braved the nasty roads and came home where we had another meal and then all the younger cousins exchanged the gifts they got for each other. It was so neat to see all the cousins except for the oldest three in the same room.
Then Sunday night after a quick trip to visit Troy's mom in Twin we were back at my parent's house to do our 'annual' crafts. Thanks again Cindy for bringing all the supplies! They all turned out so cute! (Will post pictures of them once I finish the final project...)

We have been on the go, messing up naps, staying up late, not sleeping well due to being were in bed early tonight, and tomorrow we are staying in our jammies, staying home, cleaning and taking naps in our own beds (me included...hopefully!) :)


Jenni said...

I love the Santa Key idea. I might have to use that. I also love that Taylor was so upset about Santa eating the cookies. That little girl has so much personality. Sounds like you guys were busy but loved Christmas. Have fun staying in PJ's and cleaning today.

Amber Cederberg said...

What cute Pj's! I lov the video! That is exactly the response I would hope for!! Sounds like a fun busy week. Have fun relasing today.

Melissa said...

It still cracks me up to see her toss the candy canes when she see's the horse. Too funny!

Katie said...

What a fun Christmas! It looks like you guys had a good one. That video of Taylor is just adorable! I love that she is so excited for her horse. That horse is huge. I love it. Parker is so cut with his new toys too! I hope you guys had an awesome Christmas. Have a Happy New Years Eve!

Emilyjo said...

What little cuties you have! Isn't Christmas so much more fun and magical when you have kids and when they start being excited about Santa? I love it!!! I'm glad you had a good Christmas and New Year even with the colds.

Oh, how much do I owe you for the dress? Is it working out okay? Let me know!
Love Ya!