Sunday, October 26, 2008

Grand Witch Council 2008

The end of last month I joined forces with Troy's sister Patrice and our minds started plotting and planning a Grand Witch Council Halloween Party.

After a lot of hours worth of planning and preparing, last night finally came and our party finally arrived!It started with our anonymous invites sent out to our friends. They only knew us as "Wanda & Zelda Witch." RSVP's were required and they were sent via e-mail.

Once our deadline to RSVP came around, we got together and finalized our plans. Team captains were chosen. Teams were assigned their team name and color and appointed captain.

The party was an amazing race/scavenger hunt.

Everyone met at the starting place by 6:00 Sharp! We then went out searching for our witch's cauldrons. Once all the cauldrons were found the first clue was revealed and the games begun!

(teams were going to places at random, but here's the order my team went)

Our first clue led us to Hollywood video were we needed to show the clerk the famous scary movie starring Norman Bates.
Once Psycho was found we received a bag of popcorn with one witches brew eyeball. When we first got the clue everyone was pretty sure the clerks forgot to give us a clue and that just a bag of popcorn was NOT going to get us to the next spot!
We decided to get back in the car and dump it out.
Once the bag was dumped out and a little searching later we FINALLY found a small white medicine capsule which contained the clue all rolled up inside!

*Each bag of popcorn contained at least 3 capsules which when all three were found the full clue would be revealed. Our team only found two of them, but I had a legitimate reason for knowing the location, (other than I made the clue!) my parents live RIGHT across the street from the location and my team took my word for why I knew the right spot.

The spot we were directed to was the old South West School and inside the wooden ship there we successfully found our clue and our snakes.

Five different size dowels and a tiny sliver of paper later we realized we had some pretty quick thinkers on our team! They instantly knew they had to find the right size of dowel and wrap the paper around it to reveal the location of the 'White Flower Catholic Church' so we could count their windows.

With he number of windows in mind we then proceeded to the 'goblin bridge' (train bridge) where we had to locate a chest and use the number of windows to unlock the chest in order to retrieve our bats, some coins, and our next clue. The search for the box took us the longest to find! I knew it was hidden here, but because of lack of time, Patrice and I split and she hid the clue there herself. Therefore, I didn't know EXACTLY where she hid it!
To Gossner's we went with our $1.05 in random coins, our bats, and a song to sing to purchase one pumpkin flavor ice cream cone. The clue was given but the ice cream cone must be eaten to get our spider located in the bottom of the cone.

Gem Memorial Cemetery was our destination to search the place. After a few laps in the car and no luck of spotting our orange marker flag, we parked it and walked the place by foot. Finally, the clue was found behind a huge statue.

To Patrice's house we went, where our true identities were revealed, the golden broomstick was given to the winning team and a delicious 'spider' cheesecake was served. My team had no idea I was in on the planning (minus Troy, he only knew where we were meeting and where we were ending in between)

We had a blast and all the hours planning really fell together....well, for my team and Patrice's team anyway. The third team never found any of their capsules, hit a fire hydrant searching the Southwest School, broke into the church in search for the orange flags that 'signified' the right location of each clue and had to depend on all their emergency clues (which they never opened they just shined their flash lights through the envelopes!). Then after an hour of waiting for their team to arrive, we called them and told them to come have refreshments with us :)

Thanks for all your help Patrice, for the idea last year Nikkala and to who came up with the whole idea and helped with the step by step planning!


Nicole said...

How fun! I bet with both of your amazingly creative and detailed minds it was quite the event. What a great way to celebrate Halloween.

Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

Wow you guys put alot of work into that! What a great idea for a party!

Conley Clan said...

That sounds like so much fun! I hope next year to have some sort of Halloween party and that would be a great idea! you are awesome!

Emilyjo said...

That sounds like a blast! Maybe you should invite me next year?! Your Halloween is much more exciting than anything we are doing. I can't wait to see you kids all dressed up in their cute costums!

Jenni said...

That party sounded like so much fun. And what a good idea. I'm going to have to remember something like this for next year.

Katie said...

Wow that sounds like a ton of fun! I just might have to steal this idea for next year. Halloween is seriously the best! Oh and thanks for stopping by my crafty blog. Don’t forget to put a button on your sidebar to be entered into the drawing!

The Goldade's said...

That sounds like TOO much fun! What a great idea...I bet it was a ton of work, but it sounds like it was a success!

dersley said...

What a cute idea. Sounds like a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.