Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Big Sister, The Protector

Yesterday afternoon while Parker was so nicely playing on his bedroom floor and Taylor was occupied, I took the opportunity to put away some clothes. I was hanging up clothes in Parker's room when I heard Taylor call out my name and I soon knew she would be coming to look for me.

I sneakily stepped inside Parker's closet and hid (I know, I am mean) she stepped into Parker's room and said:

"Dude, where's Mom?"

Parker gave out a good squeal excited that his sister stepped into the room, but soon started whining because she continued on her way looking for me. I could hear her making her rounds around the house, then struggle (and bang!) on the basement door.

Parker was crying and Taylor started too. She walked back into Parker's room, sat next to, quit crying, stroked his head and said,

"It's okay Dude, Tay Tay's here"

By this time, she looked up and saw me standing in the OPEN closet door, realized I was in there hiding from her.

Marches right over to me, deepens her voice and shakes her finger...

"Mom OUT NOW! Dude cryin'!"

Even though she likes to pick on him, she loves him dearly and will be his protector.

Until he's bigger than her, then maybe the roles might switch up a little.

**Don't worry, this whole process only took about two minutes (tops!) to carry out. I don't hide from my children and let them cry....even though some days I wish I could :)**


Bradbury Trio said...

What a sweet story Alisha! I love that Taylor calls Parker "dude." What a great big sister she is!! And I'm still giggling that you hid in the closet, I might just try that with my husband when he comes home tonight!! :)

Gina Nielson said...

That is so sweet and you are so MEAN! Keep it up!!

The Calls said...

That is the cutest story. She is so cute! Don't worry Alisha, I think we all hide sometimes cause we want to see how our little kids react when we're not there.

Melissa said...

That is so cute and funny! David used to hide from Keegan at the store when he would wander off. I worked really well to teach him not to do that!