Saturday, September 06, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

I know this needed to be posted a week ago, but I have been super busy this week to take the time to blog about it! :)

Since Troy and I have been married I always look forward to Labor Day weekend, because it is the Wilkins' family reunion. There are 7 kids in Troy's family and each year it rotates from kid to kid on who is in charge. Troy's youngest sister Kandice had this year (we were last year!) and kudos to her because it turned out wonderful AND she just had a baby a month ago!

Sunday night is always dinner and hanging out-
This year my Dad and his friend Jim (Troy's niece Deidra's husband Chris' Dad) showed up to do some entertainment for us. They formed a singing group and they are just too funny and just wonderful at what they do!

The theme this year was "Olympics."
Monday the wind was blowing like crazy and it was cold, but it was fun! Parker would only take a cat nap so when the games started I wasn't able to participate in the competitions but watching them was just as fun (plus someone had to keep an eye on Taylor and keep her out of the cookies!)

Each Family was asked to make and bring their own Flag and to kick the games off we had a march of nations, then time to pose for a group picture....

There were five different events that everyone participated in
*50 yard Dash
*Long jump
*Shot put

Then the games were ended with a good ol' game of tug of war.
Having the athletic (and competitive) husband that I have Troy placed in 4 of the 5 events (archery is the only one he didn't place in).

Since I was standing in the pavilion the entire time with Parker (keeping the wind off of him & trying to stay warm!) I didn't get any pictures, but Troy's niece Nikkala posted alot on her blog if you want to see more.

While we were cleaning up I took Parker to the pick up to chill on the seats while I helped load up-

Isn't he cute?!

Taylor was so tired she was asleep within minutes (5:00!) and slept for TWO HOURS, and still went to bed without a fight at 9!

*Side note: Mom's surgery went well, and she was released to go home last night. The test came back and clarified she had mrsa and she is unable to go to work all next week, but at least it gives her time to rest up and get the swelling down on her face*


Korbi said...

good deal about your mom.
I love family reunions! SOunds like it was great fun. :)

Sayda said...

Is that a certain type of staph infection? I've heard alot of people getting that lately. One in our ward and one in Brianna's ward and two other people this past month.I'm glad she is better. That picture of the baby in the truck is so cute.

Katie said...

That family get together looks like so much fun! Especially the archery! Parker looks like a little stud in that pic! I love it. Glad to hear your mom is doing better. Hopefully we will see ya soon for the blessing!