Friday, August 01, 2008

Family Vacation

Troy worked all his water out perfectly that he had NONE this week!
We took the lack of work needing to get done and took a mini family vacation to Utah.

We decided to stay two nights and have more of a relaxed time instead of trying to cram all the things we wanted to do into two days.

After a long drive down, welder pick up, and some lunch we headed to the hotel for some much needed naps!
While myself and the kids slept Troy hit the NPS store.

After we woke up it was time for dinner then we decided to hit the hotel swim pool.
Isn't Parker the cutest little chunk trying to fill out those swim shorts?!!?

The pool was FREEZING! I could barely stick my feet in let alone let Parker get in! Taylor stuck a few toes in, but quickly decided that was not for her. Troy was the only one that braved the cold and that was only for a few minutes!
We decided to just hit the hot tub.
It was LUKE WARM! I could sit on the step with Parker in my lap and not worry about getting too hot or burning the children! We only lasted for about 15 minutes.

The next morning with the much awaited HOGLE ZOO!
Taylor was so excited that on the drive there you would look at her and she would just be grinning from ear to ear!

If you ask her about the zoo she replies, "Raffe (giraffe) stinky" all the while holding her nose. We went inside the giraffe buildings to see the 'Mama & baby' and it stunk so bad!

The Monkeys were her next on her favorites list.

The elephants....not so much! (I think the huge metal elephant that made all the loud noises scared her or else she would have liked them.)

This bear made me laugh!

Once it started getting hot (We got there at 9:00 & left by 10:30-the weather was perfect & no crowds made it even better!) We knew it was time to go when Taylor would rather kick her feet up and munch on some cookies...

I am so glad I decided to bring the jogging stroller instead of the sit 'n stand stroller so that Taylor could have her own comfortable seat. We ended up using the stroller alot!

After a HORRIBLE experience at Market Square (Terrible two's...need I say more?!?!) it was time to go to the hotel for nap time!
Later that night we met up with my Brother in law, Craig, who was in town for a business meeting for some dinner (Are you jealous Gina & Ashley??!!?!)

When our bellies were full we walked down to the Gateway so Taylor & Troy could play in the discovery center and at the splash park while Parker and I went to some stores. She only got in trouble for shoving one kid (one kid too many!) down.

We called and worked in Troy's 6 month Dr's check up into while we were in town on Wednesday then after wards we hit up Bukoos
This has become my new favorite store when we go to Utah. We found WAY too much stuff there but price was right!
I went there looking for a new quilt for our bedroom...mission accomplished.

We actually found two and since one was only $12! We got both! The one I decided to use was only $30!!! We also found some nice sheets for 20 bucks!

Since I download a TON of scrapbooking stuff my computer was running out of space so we found a portable hard drive. Well, we actually found one for my computer and one for Troy's for all the MANY MANY pictures taking up space on the desktop! Again, prices were right so we couldn't not get them!

The last 10 minutes at the store was the fussiest Parker had been during the ENTIRE trip! Once his bum was changed and belly full he was a happy camper. He slept the entire night both nights there and was content with us hauling him around in the carseat the entire trip.
Taylor had a few moments, but for the most part was a pretty good kid.
Both of them slept the entire drive home so it was nice and peaceful.

It was so nice to get away from our every day lives and spend some time with Troy during the nice weather summer days!

Just in time for grain harvest to start....


deidra said...

When we were home for Jeremy's wedding and stayed with our friends in Kaysville, my only request was that we got to go to Bukoos. It didn't happen, and I've been anxious to go ever since. Between Bukoos and DownEast, I'm getting really excited to be back in Utah.

karisa said...

Cute quilt. . . .makes me want to hit Bukoos up. Looks like a fun family trip.

Christy Wilkinson said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun on your trip. I have really wanted to take Zander to the zoo, but we have yet to go. He is absolutely obsessed with any kind of animal, so I think that we are going to make a trip to Boise at least to visit the zoo before school starts for me. I think that the kids would love it, but I haven't been to the Boise zoo since I was really young so I don't know if they have a whole lot of animals. There wasn't much there when I went last, but I guess something is better than nothing, right?

Gina Nielson said...

No Fair! I will have to hit Craig next time I see him! :)
Poor Craig, driving around in a hummer and having dinner with ya'all!!!!! NO FAIR!!!!!!
I am going to see if I can find that store online?? I need bedding for Kody's apartment in twin size.
Looks like you had lots of fun!

Katie said...

Wow so much to say about this post! First of all, that store looks amazing. I've already talked Seth into stopping in with me! You know all the good secrets! That Gate Way video is so dang cute! I can’t believe she was so daring to play in the spraying water! It looks like you guys had a blast at the zoo too! Your little guy is such a good baby to let you do such fun stuff!

ashley gammons said...

I am jealous! I really do miss everyone and can not wait to visit everyone soon. Wyatt and Taylor would have a blast. (He would love for Taylor to push him) And I can't wait to meet parker. Some time the short little vacations can turn out to be the best! I loved Taylors hair and shirt.