Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Safe Place for Dude

Troy gave Parker the nickname of "Dudey" and Taylor has picked it up and just calls him "Dude." I call him "Bud" but I am outnumbered and I think Dude will be around longer than Bud will be. :)

There are only a few places that little Parker can be and I feel he is safe from his older sister.

1. His Crib
2. Kitchen table (I am always in the room & with the way he is starting to wiggle isn't going to last for long!)

and now...
3. High chair!

I forgot that it reclines until I was washing it down the other day. He loved it and gave me tons of smiles as soon as he was placed in it. (He's in the tongue sticking out phase)

I think it was because he KNEW he wouldn't get blankets placed over his head, pacifiers shoved in and out of his mouth, eyes poked at, hair pulled, or face stomped on (which happened once and Taylor got into BIG trouble for!)
But she sure did try...

....and the smiles went away.


Over the moon said...

Oh how precious! I love that last picture of Taylor trying to put the blanket on Parker! That made me laugh! How fun, I bet Taylor really loves having him around. He does look SO much like Troy! Ok, and that diaper cake looked so amazing...how do you do it?! I left you a comment on our mother's blog by the way :0). Keep me posted and what kind of things you do with it k?

Kristen said...

Reading your blog is almost like I'm reading mine. I swear, every post you do about your kiddos is applicable to mine! Kate is always mauling Jonas and he spent the first 5 months in a bouncer on the island counter. He wiggles now, so I can't do it anymore and he's taking a beating because of it. I try to put him in the high chair but Kate freaks out because it's still "her" high chair! Good times!

I LOVE his tongue smile! So cute.

Jackson's said...

What a handsome little man! Your kids are way cute. I sent you an invite to my blog hope you get it.

Emilyjo said...

That smiling pictures with the tongue sticking out are priceless! Thanks for the smiles Parker. :)

ashley gammons said...

Hey girl both your kids are soooo cute. Thanks so much for helping me with mine. I love it.

The Calls said...

Oh that is so adorable. He is so cute! That last picture is so cute with her little arm and his little face like...Oh no, she found me.