Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It Is Time!

This beauty finally arrived yesterday (arrival date kept changing!) so I now officially have no excuse NOT to lose these nasty lingering pounds that refuse to come off since having Parker!

Troy and I took the kids out last night for a walk (and to walk out my future workout route...got to watch out for those feisty country dogs!)

When we first went to put Taylor in the stroller she FREAKED out (imagine that!) but once we started going and she realized what we were doing she LOVED it!
This morning as soon we walked outside she was so excited to crawl in and go for 'Wak Mama.' When we were done and started walking up the driveway she kept asking for 'More Mama.'
If I hadn't just walk/run 2 miles and I was actually IN SHAPE (!!) I would have gone longer, but I am not in shape so we stopped. :)

So, it is time to get committed...wish me luck.


deidra said...

Sounds like you've got a good cheerleader/ task master to keep you on track!

Jenni said...

That stroller looks so cool. You'll have to tell me how it works as expected because I'd be interested in it for my next one.

karisa said...

It looks like a Cadillac of a stroller. Hopefully the kids will stay happy because if not, it doesn't matter how in shape you are--2 miles is a long way.