Thursday, June 26, 2008

Worth the Money!

Before starting to potty train Taylor, Troy and I both agreed on just training her to use the 'big' toilet.
Like said in previous posts, things were going well...considering. We have had very little accidents and nap and bedtime she would wake up dry.

Things going smooth minus her TELLING me she had to go!

It wasn't until the other day at my Mom's when I noticed how much she LOVED the little potty my mom had.
I broke down yesterday about bought this...

Troy hates the fact that we pretty much just have a 'bowl' sitting on the floor for her to go in, but since she started using it I have only put her on the potty ONCE (before naptime). All morning long (4 times to be exact!) she would tell me she had to go and run to HER seat!

The best was when I walked down the hallway to find her jammies and her panties laying there and her sitting on the seat doing her business!

She loves it and things have started to 'click' for her.

It may have clicked, but Troy doesn't want to have to clean it out....I tell him that if it potty trains her faster I WILL ALWAYS CLEAN IT OUT!:)


Over the moon said...

Great Idea!! Alisha, I'm SO glad you post these experiences on your have NO IDEA how much I'm learning from you! Well spent purchase I'd say. Seth and I made a big one today too :0). It's all on the blogger!

I really thought those would be a waste of money too, but after hearing your story I'm seriously going to reconsider.

gizcallyomom said...

You and Troy crack me up! Taylor is SO SO cute! How wonderful that we were able to bump into eachother! Such a treat. Thank you so much for your phone call too. It meant the world to me. You are an amazing mom chica. Love your guts!

Jenni said...

I got this exact potty for Lizzie and it has been great. She still uses it but now it's on a toilet. Good luck, it sounds like you guys are doing great.