Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What We've Been Up To....

I need about 5 more hours in a day to either get more done or more sleep!

Parker has been sleeping like a champ...goes to bed at 8:00, feeds between 3 &4 sleeps until about 7-7:30. It's wonderful! So I can't really complain about lack of sleep except I am just plain tired from all the happenings going on!

We have gone to the Burley wading (kiddie) pool lately and Taylor absolutely loves it! I like the fact that Parker sleeps the entire time in his car seat and that I can get a few rays of sunlight! :)
After day #2 at the pool Taylor had a hard time sleeping in her bed so she got to join Parker and I in our bed for nap time.

I love these two...

Notice the bib around Parker's neck and the burp rag under his head?!?! This kids spits up so much! He HAS to have a bath morning and night so he doesn't stink as much!

Saturday night was our ward "Cowboy Party" Taylor loved the stick horses and the real horses they had there, but getting her to 'race' in the stick horse races or actually RIDE the real horses was a complete different story! Lots and lots of screams and tears!

After the party I had a reception to go too. Troy was suppose to just take Taylor and Parker and I would go to the reception, but he had made plans to clean the church after the party so I decided just to take her with me and run into town. I didn't get far down the road when she threw up EVERYWHERE (then fell right to sleep!)!

Then add Parker screaming because he was hungry and I just turned right at the light and headed home! Sorry Giselle! I am glad that I ran into you at Wal-Mart though! Next time you are in town....
Troy stayed home with her from church on Sunday. This was throw up day #2 in a row and you could TELL she wasn't herself! So we gave her a day of R&R to just lounge in her pj's and watch as much tv as she wanted....she felt better mid-day for sure!

I am in the process of debating on whether I want to grow out Taylor's bangs. A few days in a row now I have been doing her hair with them pulled back. This particular day they were out of control when we took her hair out for bed!

Potty training is going good. Wish Taylor would actually TELL me when she needs to go, but at least she holds it until I put her on the toilet. Nap time and night time she is staying dry, now we just need to conquer her pooping on the toilet! Ewwwwww

I am LOVING this warm weather! It is nice to go outside and get some fresh air and just completely tire little Taylor out....me too! :)


Kristen said...

You're back! Your two kiddos are so stinkin cute. Isn't it fun having a boy and a girl? I love it.

Jonas is a spitter-upper too! He wasn't as bad at first, but then when we switched to formula he was awful. He's finally starting to get better.. thank goodness!

I wish Kate would stay consistent with potty training. She does so good for weeks and then totally almost reverts back to day 1. I can't stand it!

Jenni said...

The picture of the two kids sleeping together is so cute. Sounds like you guys have been keeping busy these days.

gizcallyomom said...

Poor baby. I'm so glad we did run into eachother. We do need to plan out some more TLC running intos though the next time I'm in town!! :)