Sunday, June 08, 2008

Trip to Utah

**Caution! Long post, with no pictures alert!**

Myself and the kidlings went to Payson this weekend for my sweet nieces baptism.
Troy wasn't able to go and neither was my brother in law so Melissa and I car pooled and followed with my parents.

On the way down there we stopped for lunch for ourselves and Little Parker T. While eating we decided that the weather was too cold and windy to go to the zoo like our original plan. So we opted to go to the Tree house museum in Ogden I read about on Emily & Sara's blogs.

The kids absolutely loved it! It was a good break for the long drive.
After the museum we went straight to my brother's house. After dinner and some chattin' we went to our hotel (all of my Sister in laws family plus ours made it too full of a house so we opted for a hotel room!)
I got Taylor ready for bed and then left her with my parents/Melissa while I went to my dear friend Carrol's. She got to meet little Parker and I got to get a lot of laughs out (Thanks for letting us come over Carrol!)

When I got back to the hotel room is when the 'fun' really started....

I adjusted Taylor (fast asleep might I add) and noticed she was BURNING up. I decided to wake her up to take some Tylenol. With that decision I woke up the beast and she was started screaming her head off! It took her a LONG time to finally settle down and fall asleep again.
She wakes up screaming again a little while later and I get out the ear drops and teething tablets (she said her teeth hurt the day before but she was acting like her ears were hurting so instead of trying to get her to calm down enough to communicate she got both)
She wakes up again screaming, this time when I am feeding Parker. Not only is she freaking out and wanting me to hold her so she gets even more upset that I can't because of the baby, he unlatches...burps....and spews all over me!

Seriously! Could this really get any worse!

She wakes up again but this time it is because she fell out of the bed and gets upset...this is at 4:00.

By 5:00 Melissa (also sick with a sinus infection and miserable!) and I decide to find a clinic and take her in! By 6:00 we are showering and getting ready for the long day ahead!

The instacare opened at 8:00 and we arrived around 8:30. As we pull in we see one car in the parking lot and I was so relieved that we weren't going to have to wait!

In and out by 9:00, double ear infection diagnosis later, lots of money out of my wallet, and a Rx in hand we were off to a pharmacy.

We ended up being 10 minutes late for the baptism (but my brother was sweet enough to have them wait for us!) After the actual baptism and the return to the room for the confirmation talk Taylor was actually smiling and playing on the floor. She stood up and tripped over her own feet and fell forward and hit her head on the chair.
I quickly grab her up (screaming of course!) and exit the room. As I am trying to calm her down in the hall I look at her and there is blood streaming down her face!

Really??!?! Are you kidding!?

The stake center was huge and the walk to the bathroom took forever! And with a crying child it seemed to take even longer!

After the baptism we were off to the park for some good food.

We didn't stay long because it was cold, the kids were getting tired and Melissa was feeling even worse.
We were both exhausted so I took the first shift driving. My shift was actually pretty peaceful, every one was napping so I called up my sister Gina and chatted with her to keep myself from napping! :)
Melissa's shift of driving wasn't quite as peaceful (mostly the last hour) because Parker was sick of being in his seat and starting to get a little gassy, Ashton was thirsty and wanted juice but all we had was water, and Taylor was just getting cranky!

Some gripe water helped my baby, giving Taylor her new blanket that I found while waiting for her Rx to be filled helped her calm down and fall asleep, but we weren't able to find any thing to help Ashton so he pretty much screamed the last 20 minutes.

Little trips like this is suppose to be fun.
Sadly, this was anything but! We did have our fun moments but the overall trip was really the trip from H**L! :) haha

I have some pictures from the museum and from visiting Carrol but nothing from the screaming night on. I am too lazy to get my camera from the diaper bag so this post was mostly just a rant about the miserable time I had.

Taylor did sleep all night last night and Parker only woke up once so I did get some good sleep, only to have to be to a meeting by 7:15.
Taylor lasted only through Sacrament and was throwing a huge fit when we took her to nursery so we took her home. The one week that we don't take two cars to church is the week we take a kid home (first time too!) so I just got all the stuff done that I needed to get done and went home with the family. Troy was kind enough this afternoon to tend after Parker so I could get a good nap in! Thanks Troy!

I am glad I was able to attend my nieces baptism, but if I would have know how much screaming I was going to hear and how exhausted I would get I would have opted to stay home....

Hope you are feeling better Melissa!


Jenni said...

And I thought my weekend was bad. You definitely win. I hope Taylor starts feeling better soon.

Melissa said...

Cold medicine is gooood!! Hehe. I an feeling better. David took me up to twin to immediate care and I got an antibiotic. Yeah! Still having nightmares about this weekend though. ;)

Pugmires said...

Wow, sounds eventful! I hope you all are recovering from the long weekend!

Over the moon said...

So there is a reason that I thought about you all the next day, hoping all went well and that you got plenty of rest. It's a dang good thing you have such adorable kids. Ok, so what does that matter...just wanted to point that fact out. Poor little Taylor. Those darn ear infections. I'm glad to hear you got some rest. That is SO hard...I'm glad you made it through! Both you and Melissa! was SO fun seeing you too! I wish it would have been longer! I'm sorry you had to see lil' Emi so upset too. Seth gave her a bath and we smoothered her little bum with diaper rash cream and she went right back to sleep. The poor thing.

Anyway...Come back again soon :0)! We already miss your company!!