Monday, June 30, 2008

Make It Dark!

Since having Parker, Taylor has started waking up at the crack of dawn...literally! Some mornings it is just after 6!
Her usual bedtime is 8, I tried keeping her up later to see if she will sleep go! She wakes up at the same time and is soooo cranky! So I keep to the 8 o'clock schedule!

I decided that she would wake up when she would hear me with Parker (usually around 5, but he goes back to sleep until 7-7:30!) she would see that it was light out side so that meant it was time to wake up.

It was time for me to fix that!

All I had on her windows was the super cute valances Melissa gave her for her birthday, I wanted to keep them as part of the curtain so I went to Wal-Mart found these...

Shortened them to the right length of each (of the 2) windows in her room.
Sewed the valances onto them.
Flipped the tabs over and added buttons and voila!

I ended up with these....

I also added some ribbon so I can roll them up during the day. I only had enough on hand for one panel so I can only roll up one for now-you get the point. Sorry the picture is so dark, I didn't have time to mess with the lighting or mess around with my camera too much so you get a dark version.

I was so excited the first night with them up that I 'might' be able to get some more sleep...

She woke up before 6! Doh!
Two mornings in a row!!!

But this morning it was past 7....heaven!


Jenni said...

The curtains are beautiful. I went the getto route and put tin foil up behind the blinds. Lizzie was doing the same thing with the early waking and I was desperate to get an extra hour of sleep. I'll have to look at the curtain section at the store and see if I can come up with something similar to what you did because it is way cute.

Amber Cederberg said...

Alisha, I love your curtains. Your two little ones are so cute!!

The Calls said...

You are so so talented my dear one. I love those curtains.
Love, Sayda

Over the moon said...

Alisha. You never seize to amaze me girl! Those are amazing! And Taylor looks SO adorable in those 'painting' fun for her. We will be coming home this weekend!!! I will give you a call if we get a chance to see you!!!!!!!!

Bradbury Trio said...

You are so talented Alisha! SHARE THE LOVE!! How bout you fly out here and help me sew some curtains for our new HOUSE! (I'm talkin' every room here!)

Your kids are beautiful! What a lucky girl Taylor is to have a mom let her get messy once in awhile!!!!

P-S Thanks for the bows--I got them yesterday! My sister-in law will LOVE them!!!

megan said...

those look super cute! I wish something like that would work for Caden! But no matter how dark it is, and whether he goes to bed at midnight or 8...he is always up at 6. This happened when we switched him to a toddler bed...and I hate it!! But I hope it keeps working for you!! sleep is heaven