Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bathroom Cheers

Since starting to potty train Taylor, Troy and I would give lots of praises and congrats each time she would use the toilet.

To keep it short, lets just say that now she thinks it's the right thing to do whenever ANY one uses the toilet.

She let out lots of excitement and cheers for me the other day.

While we were in public.

I am such a big girl!


dersley said...

That is so Cute! Too funny.

deidra said...

Yay Alisha! Way to use the potty!

Jenni said...

I started cracking up when I read this post. I can totally relate. Don't you just LOVE potty training?

Over the moon said...

Oh that's so funny! How sweet and innocent they are :0)!!!!

megan said...

haha, luckily most ladies in the bathroom have been there :-) so cute!