Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sticker Face

Taylor absolutely LOVES stickers! The best entertainment during Sacrament is the sticker fun book we keep in our church bag.

The only thing is, is she won't take the stickers and put them on the pages where they belong. She will stick them all over her dress, face, then my face, my feet and sometimes all over Troy and I's arms.

At least she is 'semi' quiet though.


Pugmires said...

What a little sticker cutie!

And Troy, I have never seen anybody look so desirable! ;) No really sorry about the eye, that looks painful!
But I really don't think you should have spent money on a new pair of glasses when the old ones look just fine! :)

megan said...

sticker books have saved us several times at church as being one of them :-)

And I remember the days of driving to twin to find cute clothes...I feel for ya...even more so in search of maternity clothes! I have found some cute maternity stores here...but they are out of my price range. So, I buy a lot of stuff at forever 21 and just make it the long shirts, etc. And the dress? Ross...I've had it for a couple of years and wear it both ways. I'm lame

Bradbury Trio said...

Hey! I love the idea--I'll have to remember this one! I'm already scared about the crawling stage Lexi is fast approaching! I have people telling me that there are going to be LOTS of Sundays, when I'll wonder why I even went to church! Someone also told me to be loaded with snacks...LOTS of snacks!! :)

Anyway, your blog is as cute as ever, Taylor girl is a doll, and I'm so excited to see pictures of baby Parker soon...only 7 weeks left right? Maybe sooner?? I'll be checking in on you in the meantime!

Over the moon said...

She is so funny! I love that picture of her. So cute! So right now we bring her toy car and she loves to push that around in the back of the sacrament room during sacrament. Oh, and we have had to ban hard objects since she LOVES to throw them at...whatever!

Thanks for the sticker idea :0).