Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Nursery is Finished....Finally!

All the furniture has been in the room for a few weeks now, it was just waiting on me to hang up pictures and make the signs I had planned on making that has taken so long to get it done :)

We are still minus the shelf that Troy has built for the room (and actually still don't know the real reason why he won't bring it home to hang it for me!) because I have a super cute Noah's Ark that my sister Gina gave us that will go on it!

Finished Shots....

Doing the letters for his name took alot more time with the scrapbook paper on the top then just painting/embellishing like Taylor's letters, but I think they turned out way cute! Plus I decided to put them on a board this time around so I don't leave 10 different nail holes in the wall when I decide to move them or re-do them!

I really loved how the Parker letters turned out, but I think this little piece of decor beat out some of the love! It was super cheap to make too! I actually bought the board while Taylor and I were in Utah (do you remember the board Cindy? Yep, still hadn't painted it nor put the metal sayings on it!) at Quilted bear back in September. I used some left over scrapbook paper from the letters for the centers and found the little animals already painted and ready to attach at Wal-Mart for .59 cents a piece!

Now all I need is the shelf...hint, hint Troy! :)

I have decided to move the rocking chair back into the room, but it will stay where it is at until I have the little one. I liked having it in the nursery with Taylor so I had more of a private environment while nursing and when I get up with them at night I have the changing table and the rocker in the same room (plus I can close the door and turn on the light if need be!) I never nursed Taylor at night in our bed and I think that is why...I had my own little baby spot to go to.

Now it is time to get some of the final things out of storage (car seat, bassinet, bouncer,, babies take up alot of room!)and get them washed and we will be pretty much ready! :)


Melissa said...

I knew the room would look really cute when you got it done! I am definitly going to have to start putting you to work helping me make stuff for my kid's room!

Pugmires said...

Parker's room is so dang cute! Go job Alisha. I guess I know where to go for help for my kids' rooms! :)

And I love that picture of Taylor-so funny! On minute you can't get your kids to sleep when you're rocking them and trying so hard, and other times they fall asleep in the darnest places. Way cute!

Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

what a cute room i love it

Gina Nielson said...

That is the cutest room ever!!! Gey, I wonder where you got all your talent from???? LOL :)